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Story Time

A Message from Vashti Hardy   20.5.20


This is a very exciting day, Lark Class, because Vashti Hardy has sent you all a personal message this morning.


Hello Year 5!

I’m so happy you’re still able to enjoy Brightstorm while safe at home at the moment. I hope you are all enjoying being part of the crew and adventuring alongside Arthur and Maudie. Have you enjoyed meeting the thought-wolves? Keep adventuring in your imaginations and dreaming big!

Vashti x

Class Novel - Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy

Map of the Great Wide

Chapter 31 (final chapter) Home

Chapter 30 Victorious

Chapter 29 Goodbye, Dad

Chapter 28 South Polaris

Chapter 27 of 31 The Southern Aurora

Chapter 26 of 31 Under The Mountain

Chapter 25 of 31 The Ice Lake

Chapter 24 Evidence

Chapter 23 The Plan

Chapter 22 Ghost Sky-Ship

Chapter 21 Grave News

Chapter 20 Thought-Wolves

Chapter 19 The Case Against Eudora Vane

This is a long chapter.

Chapter 18 Great Glacies

Chapter 17 The Last Post

Chapter 16 Citadel Kings

Chapter 15 Desert Sands

Chapter 14 The Explorer's Journal

Chapter 13 The Library

Chapter 12 The Aurora

Chapter 11 What Goes Up

Chapter 10 Trust

Chapter 9 An Offer

Chapter 8 Harriet Culpepper

Chapter 7 Lucky Spoon

Chapter 6 The Advert

Chapter 5 Pomerian Puffback

Chapter 4 Part 2 Parthena

Chapter 4 Part 1 Parthena

Chapter 3 Clause One Hundred And Fifty-Two

Chapter 2 Part 2 Bad To Worse

Chapter 2 Part 1 Bad To Worse

Chapter 1 Brightstorm

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