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Writing tasks are based on high quality stimulus and where possible linked to the curriculum topics to provide context and purpose.

We strive to enable the children to apply their learnt skills year on year building on their technical and creative abilities.  Grammar knowledge is taught explicitly within the writing cycle, and vocabulary developed throughout new topics.   To develop children’s knowledge of sentence structures, we use a progression of Alan Peat sentence types throughout the school.  These are taught explicitly alongside the National Curriculum grammar expectations. 

Children have the opportunity to experience the tools needed to write a particular genre, then experience writing within that genre and finally are given opportunity to edit and publish work.  During the term, children complete ‘Big Write’ tasks in line with Ros Wilson’s approach.  This allows children occasion to recall and present their learnt skills independently. 

Our writing follows a clear structured cycle.  Teachers choose stimulating books and texts to link genres to.





From year 1 to year 6 we teach a progression of sentence types using Alan Peat sentences.  Children in KS2 undertake explicit grammar instruction in line with the National Curriculum expectations as well as targeted work to address gaps in knowledge.  




Writing ‘Big Writes’ are used to assess the children’s skills in line with the National Curriculum expectations. The progress in writing is also measured across the curriculum in other subjects. 

Teachers undertake termly in house moderation of writing to support teacher judgements.

GAPs assessments are undertaken termly as part of the assessment cycle from year 2 onward and gap analysis from these inform next steps in teaching.