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Friday 18th February - Stay at home weather warning day

As Somerset County Council has told all schools in Somerset to close today (Friday 18th Feb) due to the weather conditions, please find some work for your child below.  I have also added other links (should we have electricity to operate the devices)!


Possible activities for the day...or during the half term break. 

55 club - please find your 'club' and try for the timed amount (5 mins challenge 1&2, 3 mins all the rest. See below. 


TT Rock Stars - try Studio level to achieve a certificate in an amazing time.


Epic Reading - lots of books to choose from to read, plus be read to and watch education videos for free.  You have your log in details in your reading records.  


Read your school book and record in your diary, or read other books you may have at home.


Draw a picture about the weather and then write a story using some of these ideas from the toolkit...


  1. That I have read through sentences and edit to check they make sense.
  1. Some conjunctions: when, before, after, while, so, because.
  1. The correct use of a or an before a noun.
  1. Use a word book/dictionary to check spellings.
  1. Simple paragraphs around a theme.
  1. A message or moral for the reader.
  1. That I am using the same tense in all of my writing – the present perfect form of verbs instead of the simple past tense.
  1. Fronted adverbials with a comma after the fronted adverbial.
  1. Interesting verb choices and adverbs.

You could watch these videos about modal verbs, as they could help with your writing too. Click on the red words for the link Modal verbs

Go over some spelling patterns. Click Here!


Do the Power of Yet! (see resources in the mental health folder, on the previous screen).


Other ideas…

Please keep safe and be kind to everyone at home.  


Hug your pet. 🐈 🐢 🐰 


Give everyone at home big hugs and smiles.


Make sure you know how to tie your shoelaces up.  Invent a new game to teach someone how to do it. πŸ‘Ÿ 


Make a tally chart showing how many times you make your own bed over the holiday! πŸ› 


Make orange (or what ever flavour) squash to the perfect ratio of squash to water!


Investigate and make a delicious sandwich for lunch, taking care when using a knife. πŸ₯ͺ 


Play a board game and take turns.


...and have a safe and happy half term break.


Miss Eddy x