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Other Homework information

Weekly spellings, linked to our guided reading and writing books, will be given to your child.  Some children may have differentiated spellings, according to their needs.  We encourage children to look, cover, write, check their spellings in preparation for the weekly test each Friday morning.  We will, of course, be learning the spellings at school as well as them learning at home.  Some children will benefit playing games with their spellings, eg. pairs, flashcards, highlighting them in a magazine, hunting for them in their own reading books.


Their reading books will be checked daily and new books given when recorded in their reading record diary.  Please do try to hear your child to read daily as this is proven to be an excellent way for them to progress with reading, as well as gaining valuable ideas for their own imaginative stories and learning new vocabulary.  We will try to hear your child read at school and this will be either through class reading, guided reading or their individual books.  If you find that they receive a book they have already read, please encourage them to treat it as revision for fluency, questioning and predicting what may happen next.  Use the VIPERS book mark and information inside their reading records to assist their understanding.


All children have log ins for TT Rock Stars and can be accessed at any time.  This is a really good, fun learning zone to increase confidence with their times tables.  In the teacher zone, I have added personal times tables for each child.  We are trying to become fluent in our x2, x3, x4, x5, x8, x10 this year in preparation for year 4.  Of course, if you wish to complete all of the tables, please feel free to do so.


At school we do the 55 Club challenge, three times a week.  The children take home their marked maths quiz.  It would be helpful if you could go over any incorrect answers with them, so they will hopefully improve their score next time and gradually progress through the maths challenges.


Epic Reading can only be accessed now free of charge during the school working hours.  If your child is off school for any reason, they can access hundreds of e-books to read, videos, comics and other reading materials.  This site can also be accessed at other times for a fee (something we tried not to do).


Sometimes I will set other homework challenges.


Any questions with homework, please let me know.


Miss Eddy x