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Year 3 - McCartney

Welcome to McCartney Class

Class Teacher: Miss G Eddy

Teaching Assistant mornings: Ms J Toon

PPA Cover:  PE with Mr M Parsons (Monday am)

PPA Cover:  Mrs R Newstead (Monday am)

Volunteers:  Mrs T Hooper & Mrs D Smith

Hello.  I am Miss Eddy and welcome to McCartney Class. Here is some information for you.


smiley Please look in the music note icons for information about our Curriculum Planning, Knowledge Organisers and Homework.  The Planning and Knowledge Organisers will be updated each term. while the Homework page will be updated weekly (in particular the spellings part).

smiley The children will be doing PE with Mr Parsons every Monday morning.  Mr Priestley has requested that all McCartney children should arrive in school wearing their full PE Kit each Monday.  This saves time changing and missing valuable PE learning opportunities, also it avoids children misplacing their uniform!

smiley On a Monday morning Mrs Newstead will join our class for part of the first lesson.  She will be supported by Miss Toon for the Grammar lesson, whilst I am out of class for my PPA.

smiley New weekly spellings will be given out every Friday and the test for the previous week spellings will also be a Friday.  Please assist your child and question them about their spellings.  Sometimes they will be easier than other times.  If you find your child is struggling, please see me so I can suggest positive ways forward.  Equally, I will see you if I have any concerns. You can find a copy of these in the 'homework' folder above, along with other homework information.

smiley Reading Books and Bookbags (to transport and protect the books), should be brought in daily please.  It is school policy for an adult to have signed the diary and record any reading.  A short message, about how well they read or if they encountered challenging words, would be appreciated.  Books will only be changed if it is recorded that it has been completed. Some levelled books require reading more than once.  This is to give your child the opportunity to learn the vocabulary, read with fluency and achieve the sense of being a good reader. Thank you.

smiley I have added all of the class to 'Epic Reading'.  This is an online service whereby there are hundreds of FREE books, documentaries and videos for your child to read/watch.  The only snag is that it is available between 7am and 3pm.  (Ideal should your child be off school poorly.) Epic Reading will try to sell you their service for use after 3pm, however it is up to you if you would like to do this.  I would personally encourage a bit of Epic Reading just before coming into school, so they are not having too much screen time.  More information will be in your child's book bag this week and I will also show them how to access it at school.

smileyIn McCartney Class, I have a reward system whereby, if a child has read 7 or more times each week, they will be able to choose a treat.  The treats are varied and hopefully will appeal to the children.  There are biscuits, crisps, sweets and a selection of 'party bag' style toys.  I always tell the children to ask an adult if they are allowed to eat the food treat and I prepare them by reminding them that they may have to wait until after their tea (and not to spoil their appetite), they may have to share with siblings/parents or they may not be allowed to eat it.  I have told them that it is totally up to the adult if they can have it.

smiley A little reminder that all jumpers, cardigans and coats MUST be named so we can return them to the correct child.  Children should be encouraged to have water in their NAMED drink bottle please for the classroom.  They are allowed squash for packed lunches, if required. 

smiley smiley If there are any problems, please see me after school for a short chat or make an appointment with the school office. 


Many thanks, Miss Eddy.