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Friday 26/02/2021

Happy Friday! smiley


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Number Bonds to 10 

Vimeo Video – shows how to find number bonds again using the towers. 

It's time for number bond practise again! First of all, write down all the number bonds in order. Use a tower stick or paper bits to help you with this e.g.  

1 + 9 = 10 

2 + 8 = 10  etc.  

Then play this game and help curious George make the number bonds to 10! 

Fancy a tricker game? This one puts you up against the clock. You can still use your number sentences to help you.


Ready for number bonds to 20?  

Again, write all the number bonds out before you begin. Use resources to help you. e.g.

1 + 19 = 20  

2 + 18 = 20 ETC 

Then play this game online. Click on Number Bonds, Make 20 to play the correct game. 

Maths - Friday

Number Bonds



Today we are going to start to write a set of instructions for planting seeds. Before we start to write the actions needed to be taken, we need to write a list of things you need before you get started. 


First write your title for the instructions e.g. How to plant seeds. Underline it.

Then write a list of all the items you need before you get started.

Miss Howell Phonics


Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet split digraphs (a-e, i-e, o-e)

Video 1 of 2

Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet Phonics

Mrs Collins Super Power Words: Video 5: go (tricky words)

Who's got the power? WE DO!! Tricky words? I don't think so, not with our powers!





What do you think a bully is?

Bullies can physically hurt you, such as, by hitting or kicking. Or they can emotionally hurt you, such as, by leaving you out or calling you names. Both ways can cause a lot of upset and hurt on the inside and out.

However it is important to remember that bullies are people who act this way not just once but a number of times and won't stop doing it. Everybody can sometimes act in a way that causes hurt or upset to another person, either accidentally or on purpose, but it doesn't make them a bully.



Watch the video of The Ugly Duckling story – who was the bully? What did they do to the duckling? How did he feel? Write down some things that the Ugly Duckling could say to the other ducks about how he was feeling. Get an adult to scribe your ideas if you prefer.


The Ugly Duckling | Full Story | Fairytale | Bedtime Stories For Kids | 4K UHD

Handa's Surprise