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St John's C of E Primary School

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1st February

Daily Activities:

  • PE with Joe
  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • 55 Club or TT Rockstars
  • Lockdown Activity

Early Bird

Each day, choose one of the activities.

Word of the Day

Look at the word and do some of the activities. Can you use the word during the day?


Multiply 2-digits by 2-digits.


Comprehension linked to our science topic of Living Things and Their Habitats.

Rainforest Minibeasts. There are three levels. You can choose which level you want to do. 


  • Read through the lesson slides.
  • Complete the worksheet (choose which worksheet you want to complete).
  • Read the information on the last 4 slides.
  • Create an advert.
  • Watch the video.
  • Extension: What else can you find out about Jane Goodall?