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Class Homework

Hello Heather Class,


I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are ready for the last week of the term.  Fingers crossed for the weather so that the children can go outside safely, when they are able. 


Remote learning for year 2 will continue this week, as planned, with resources regularly.  I shall continue with my telephone calls on Friday's, to children who are not our key worker or vulnerable children at school, and I will be replying to your emails when I can. Any problems, please call the school office.


Looking forward to Tuesday at 1.30pm for the next meeting (same password as last weeks NEW ONE - email me if you can't find them). Those children at school will be included in this.


Check out what your friends have been doing and look in the 'photograph star' on the previous page.  If you would like to send me pics of your child doing project/work/art/PE/reading etc, I would love to see them, HOWEVER AS A SMALL PHOTO.  Please indicate however, if I can use them on the website.  Thank you. 


The Summer Reading Challenge has started and is all on line this year.  Please follow the link for your child to join. 


Take care,


Miss Eddy x

Reminder again of the class email




A suggested day may look like this between 9am and 3.15pm...

It may be best for your household if you try to get into a routine each week day with some school work, as you don't want to get bored just playing and watching tv all day long!  Encourage your children to get showered, dressed and have breakfast, as usual. If you feel you can't cope with the school work and juggling home life, then just do what you can.  We are all finding this difficult.  Don't feel that you are failing, you aren't.  Keep strong, which ever way you can and try to smile.


  • Perhaps you would like to start with PE/fitness with Joe Wicks each morning, live between 9 - 9.30am or catch up during the day 

  • Or if you've had enough of Joe, then do some other heart beating work outs through this website (more in the web resource page at the bottom) If you would like to do more active things, school has this resource for OUR SCHOOL - Parent email: Password: stjohnscof

  • Do a little bit of writing or grammar from the daily set work.

  • If you have time, perhaps copy out a page from a favourite book or poem, obviously using best lead in flicks.

  • Have a 20 minute break and if safe, keep your distance go outside for some fresh air. 

  • Try the 10 club - see below for all the sheets.

  • Do some maths from the daily set work. Challenge yourself with additional learning through the free White Rose material (via FaceBook -  I've also been recommended this site, although I believe you need to pay for it

  • You may wish to go on this website to watch a variety of educational videos and play games (email me for log in details

  • Eat your lunch and a big drink to hydrate your brain.  Have a wiggle and a giggle for an hour.

  • Read a book (there are e-books on here) and get an adult to keep a log of what has been read please.

  • Practice your look, cover, write, check spellings and try to use them in a sentence either written or spoken out loud.

  • Look at the topic, science and RE websites - just choose one each afternoon.

  • Have some fun

  • Alternatively challenge yourself to this new project for the summer term - to make a living miniature garden.  This could be made on a tray or in a shoebox.

  • Sketch and perfect drawing something.

  • If you are craving a sing along 🎶 then this site is free and a cheerful alternative

  • As of 20th April we will have access to a singing resource FREE for 3 months

  • Finish with a story time. (see the stories in the star) or stories from a website, like this one .


REMEMBER - Keep safe online.  Don't talk to strangers.  Ask your parents to check before you click on something.  If in doubt tell an adult.


Miss Eddy x

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