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Class Homework

Hi Heather Class,


Good morning and it's Friday today.  I'm feeling very tired today - think the hay fever is starting to kick in! But... well done on another week of home learning.  You have been great.  I have loved all the pictures of you working.  Thank you parents for your hard work to continue at home with your child's education. 


Don't forget the virtual disco later at 2pm.  You will need to follow the links beforehand to access it (text message/facebook message yesterday from Mr Mitchell). copy the link.



Children remember over the Easter holiday at home, to keep your toys and games tidy after use! See how many times you can help out, but please be safe  πŸ˜ƒ.  Perhaps start keeping a diary or make a chart of this.


New spellings are below dated the 3rd April.  I will not be adding new work over Easter as it will be a time for you to catch up on everything so far and to chill out.  However, I will be contacting you by phone to check in and say hello.


PS. One request when sending photos, please send as a small image, if possible.


If you haven't done this already ...I took a lovely picture of a narcissus daffodil in my garden and was wondering if you are up to a challenge? Have a go at copying by drawing, sketching, painting, colouring it.  Can you see the bumble bee hovering? Can you write some adjectives to describe the picture?  Perhaps you could write a poem or story about spring.  I will add another picture to write about in the homework section.

Good luck and enjoy your day. Stay safe. xx



Please look at the power point presentations before opening the activities, as they will help you... a bit like me teaching you the new learning before you go and do the task back at your table.  There are loads of resources and links already on our page but I will be adding daily.  Our Topic is 'Queen of Hearts', linked to Florence Nightingale  Maths is fractions.  English is linked to the grammar power points and reading comprehension about Florence Nightingale.  See below for resources for this week.  There are some free virtual tours of different zoos and museums.  Have a look...smiley



I suggest you try to get into a routine each week day with some school work, as you don't want to get bored just playing and watching tv all day long!


  • Perhaps you could follow Joe Wicks each morning, live between 9 - 9.30am or catch up during the day or do some other heart beating work outs If you would like to do more active things, school has this resource for OUR SCHOOL - 

  • The website address is: Parent email: Password: stjohnscof

  • Do a little bit of writing or grammar.

  • Copy out a page from a favourite book or poem, obviously using best lead in flicks.

  • Have a break and if safe, keep your distance go outside for some fresh air. 

  • Try the 10 club - see below for all the sheets.

  • Do some maths.  I've been recommended this site

  • Go on this website to watch educational videos and play games (email me for log in details

  • Eat your lunch and a big drink to hydrate your brain.  Have a wiggle and a giggle.

  • Read a book (there are e-books on here).

  • Practice your look, cover, write, check spellings and try to use them in a sentence.

  • Look at the topic, science and RE websites - just choose one each afternoon.

  • Have some fun

  • Alternatively challenge yourself to the dinosaur project I have set.

  • Sketch and perfect drawing something.

  • Finish with a story time.  This could be me reading to you (see the stories in the star) or stories from a website, like this one .


REMEMBER - Keep safe online.  Don't talk to strangers.  Ask your parents to check before you click on something.  If in doubt tell an adult.


Miss Eddy


Well done to many of you for your super home work and projects so far.  Lots of house points have been given. yes smiley heart Check out what your friends have been doing over the last few days... look in the 'photograph star' on the previous page.  I have had permission from their parents to add these to our folder of work.  If you would like to send me pics of your child doing project/work/art/PE/reading etc, I would love to see them, HOWEVER AS A SMALL PHOTO.  Please indicate however, if I can use them on the website.  Thank you.  Reminder again of the class email


Other online ideas for lessons

Other online ideas for lessons 1

Week of 30th March

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