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Rainbow Challenge

Thanks to one and all who sent in your fantastic photos for our "Rainbow Challenge".
We are currently putting them together to create our School's Collage.
In the meantime we have created this video slide show so you can all enjoy seeing the photos.

Wednesday 22nd April - Rainbow Challenge


St John's are setting another challenge for all the children over the next two school weeks.  Everybody at St John's is extremely thankful for all the NHS workers, care workers, all those working in shops, our recycling teams, delivery drivers - everybody completing key work to keep our country running and making our lives better.


To say thank you we are wanting to put a photo collage together of our community.  We want to make a collage that represents a rainbow using small photos of us all.  In order to do that we need the children to send photos of themselves - with family members if they wish to take part - dressed in different colours.  The colour worn will change every day.  So these are the days and the colours:


Wednesday 22nd April - Red

Thursday 23rd April - Orange

Friday 24th April - Yellow


Monday 27th April - Green

Tuesday 28th April - Blue

Wednesday 29th April - Purple

Thursday 30th April - Pink


On these days, the children can use whatever they like to represent the colours - t-shirts, dresses, tinsel, wrapping paper, towels, wigs, flowers etc.  Be creative and represent the different colours!


Once a photo has been taken, send it to so that we can start putting the photos into a big collage.  We will be sharing some individual photos on our Facebook page as well to show off the creativity.


As with the last challenge, if the children succeed and we get plenty of photos for our project, the children will be rewarded with something to make them smile.


Let's work together to share joy and hope to all those who are making our world just that little bit better.