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26th January

Daily Activities:

  • Spellings
  • Reading
  • 55 Club or TT Rockstars
  • Lockdown Activity

Early Bird

Each day, choose one of the activities.

Word of the Day

Look at the word and do some of the activities.

Can you use the word during the day?


Revision: Multiply 3-digits by 1-digit

  • Watch the video - lesson slides.
  • Answer the questions on the worksheet.
  • Check your answers.
  • Extension - have a go at questions 1a, 2a and 3a on the second sheet.

English - Episode 10 The Return of Toad

The final episode.

Open the lesson notes and click on the link to hear episode 10.

Read through the questions and tasks.

Complete these in your book or on paper.


Choose a video from below to give yourself a workout. Have fun! laugh


Lesson 2 with Mrs Thompson from Somerset Music.

This continues looking at body percussion and creating own body percussion. It also adds another drum stick activity.

There is also a listening activity. You could choose to do the video lesson, or the listening activity, or both.

Music - Listening activity