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Work for Wednesday 6th January 2021


For each maths lesson, there will be a video to watch first with an online activity to complete. There will also be additional activities below the video link to work through as well. The activities are labelled as, 'Bronze, Silver and Gold' as they get more challenging at each level. Your child only needs to complete one activity level, although they might like to try a more challenging level as well. Please focus on the quality of your child's work, and ensure that they have set their work out neatly and fully answered each question. You can print the sheets out, if you like, but this is not necessary, as your child can work from the screen onto paper. 



There is a short video to watch of our new class story, 'The Day the Crayons Came Home', followed by an activity to complete. 



Each day there will be a phonics video to watch with an activity to complete, we are revising many of the phonemes that your child will already be familiar with and looking at alternative spellings. There will be different activities depending on the spelling/phonics group that your child is in, this is the same as their spelling homework group. 




This term, we are learning about Christianity and in particular, The Easter Story. We are going to start by finding out what The Bible is. Read the information on the Powerpoint and then complete the task at the end. You could write your 10 Commandments out neatly and then decorate them with a border of pictures.