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Monday & Tuesday

LO: To create a similar poem using a new creature.


***Some of you have already worked very hard and sent me your poems yesterday - perhaps copy it up in best ever handwriting and illustrate, if your poem is completed***


Tuesday - Warm up: idiom – ‘You can’t teach an old dog new tricks’ – It’s harder for older people to learn new things.



Reread the poem to someone else with your

Actions, perhaps over zoom or Facetime.


Task: Can you write a similar poem based on one of the mythical creatures that you researched before half term?

Use this pattern:

Stanza 1 Say what you dreamed about and where the dream took place.

Stanza 2 Describe what your creature does.

Stanza 3 Describe how you felt.

Stanza 4 Describe how you wake up and what you find as proof that you really saw the creature.

Stanza 5 Say where you keep this special reminder (e.g. feather, shiny scale) and how you feel whenever you look at it.

Write your poem out in your best handwriting and add an illustration.  Please take a photograph of the work and email to me.