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Class Photos

Summer Fayre Day!

Testing our DT cars

Making Sculptures

RSPCA Visit!

Road Safety - STOP, LOOK, LISTEN

Mr Elf paid Dandelion a visit! He gave us some magic beans to grow at school. First, we had to pour sugar into the tray. Then we planted our magic beans and sprinkled some REAL magic on top! We were then told to wait. The next day we found the beans had turned into candy canes, we then picked a candy cane to take home! 

Christmas Dinner (Auzzie Style!)

Christmas Performance

Christmas has come!

Our new display board!

Harvest Celebrations!

Scratch firework art!

Making a whole class friendship bracelet!

Sorting fruit with our senses- We tasted lemons!!

What makes a good friend?

Creating digital firework art!

Yoga Time!

Showing off our phonics skills!

Firework art!

Sorting Skills in Maths!