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Otter Class- Year 4

Zoom meeting on Friday at 2:30pm. Bring an object that can be recycled.

Dear Parents/Carers,


Please use from now on to communicate with me about children's work.  Many thanks.

2021 and the Otters are ready for action

Happy New Year to all the lovely Otters and their families. I am hoping that, despite the scaled-down celebrations this festive season, you managed to have an enjoyable time with your families. Let's hope that 2021 brings more joy and a swift end to this wretched pandemic.


At the moment we are preparing for teaching in-class  - but with safety measures in place - and for online learning if you need to study at home.


In class we shall continue to work in our Otter 'bubble' ensuring that we limit all contact with other classes, outside visitors etc. This means that we shall only be studying in our classroom and using the toilets on a rota basis with thorough cleaning in between classes. It is really important that you keep washing your hands and retaining a distance between others if you can. I myself will be wearing a mask and retaining a 'bubble' around my desk. Don't worry we shall still have lots of fun and enjoy learning about new topics; we just have to be extra careful at the moment.


Online, through the class home learning star there will be daily maths and English activities to complete and two other subjects per day to ensure that all curriculum subjects are covered.


If anything is unclear, please ask your parent or carer to e-mail the school and I shall be happy to help. My class e-mail address is:


Our topics for this term are Changing States (science) and The Water Cycle. These comprise geography and science themes with plenty of links between the two.


Please can you make sure that you read every day in order to feed your language, imagination and brain power! Before the Christmas break we achieved more than 100 reads every week and we do not want this class total to drop. Make sure an adult records the read in your yellow book.


Many thanks.


Miss Clarke