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18th January

Daily Activities:



55 Club or TT Rockstars

Joe Wicks PE session


Early Bird

Each day, choose one of the activities.

Word of the Day

Look at the word and do some of the activities.

Can you use the word during the day?


Area of Rectangles

Use the teaching slides.

  • Get Ready!
  • Do the warm up questions.
  • Read through the teaching slides and answer questions 1 to 3 on the worksheet.
  • Read the rest of the teaching slides and try questions 4-8 on the worksheet.
  • Check your answers.
  • Extension - have a go at the True or False question.


Why do plants have flowers?

You will need paper and pencil. You will need a coloured pencil or a pen to mark your answers. When you have completed the online lesson, have a go at the online quiz. Use the Back and Next buttons to move through the parts of the lesson.

Next, complete the worksheet to show the different ways that seeds can be dispersed.