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Dandelion Class- Year 1

Welcome to Dandelion Class.smiley



Class Teacher


Miss Howell



Teaching Assistants


Mrs Collins and Mrs Newstead




Thank you for all you have been doing to support learning at home during this challenging and unusual period.

We hope that you and your families 

have a great summer.

We look forward to seeing you all in September.





Thank you for finding our Year 1 class page!


Home schooling/resources for you can be found by clicking on the 'Class Homework' star below. Everyday I will update with small activities for math, writing and phonics.  I am hoping to vary the activities to keep your children entertained as much as possible! Activities might include work sheets, interactive games, videos/songs online.
Please encourage your children to complete these activities as much as possible. 

I do not mind if you print the tasks, record them on paper or use your homework book.


I have already uploaded Dandelion's Topic project. Children can choose from 4 activities to complete from the list. 


At this difficult time, it is essential that reading and phonics practice is continuing. In June we have our phonics screening test and I would like children to have the best chance possible, even with this closure! 

Please sign your yellow reading records when your child reads at home with you. Remember, I include phonics practice as a read too so please also record this! It is likely that your child will finish your school book, so please share any books you have at home together, these books also count! 
This is a fantastic link that I have used often for whole class reading. They have free e-books that are similar to the school books we use.


Please find other helpful links and resources that I have uploaded onto the 'Class Homework' page if you need anymore inspiration. 


Furthermore, please do not get stressed out over the daily work. Remember there are other fun ways your child can learn from you. Try some baking together, can your child follow instruction to build a lego house, make some play dough and see who can make the weirdest creature! Your child doesn't have to be learning maths and writing skills all the time, learning is done in many different and creative ways!


One of the Year 1 team will be contacting you each week to speak directly with your child. We will be checking that they are ok over the next few of weeks and try to help if there are any problems with work etc. 


The class email you can contact me between 9am and 3pm is 


Thank you for your support and PLEASE don't hesitate to contact me on the email above if you have any questions. I'm here to help!


Look forward to seeing you all very soon, I will be missing our lovely Dandelion class! 


Miss Howell 





Please click on a 'star link' below, to find out more about what we have been up to in Year 1.  Don't forget to look in your child's book bag for newsletters.