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Heather Class - Year 2

Welcome to Heather Class 

Year 2


Class Teacher

Miss G Eddy


Teaching Assistants

Miss A Waygood

Mrs C Davies

Mrs S Groves


Voluntary Helpers

Mrs Smith


Hello and welcome to Heather Class.


I'm so glad you managed to find our class page.  laugh


Home schooling/resources for you will be added here due to the school being closed for the Covid-19 outbreak.  I will add power point lessons and worksheets to reinforce in maths.  I am working on different activities for reading comprehension and topic work.  I will add web pages and links for learning too.  Please do not think that you have to print out all the work I put on here.  It is a guide to assist you at home.  If possible, save your printer ink at home and copy by hand parts of the text/exercises that are relevant, onto paper or into an exercise book.  


There are NEW items in the homework section and I have been updating this daily since Monday 23rd March.  I have compiled a list of free websites, games, apps and materials to use at home to support learning and this is found in the homework page.  Please email me on the address below, for any specific log in details.


Spellings would have been sent out every Friday, with the test on a Thursday.  I will continue to add new spellings in the homework page below, if you could administer the 'test/quiz' on a Thursday please.


At this difficult time, it would be great if reading at home could still continue.    Please sign reading diaries, as usual, when they read at home with an adult. When your child finishes their school reading book (keep it safe for it's return), then please do encourage them to read other books you may have at home that are suitable for them.  Please record this additional reading in their diaries too.  If you run out of books, here is a link to keep you going, with a few free e-books there to look at... 


In line with the letter sent out from Mr Priestley recently, I will be contacting you each week to speak directly with your child.  I will be checking that they are ok in this difficult situation and if there are any problems I will try to help.  We are a partnership and between us we can strive for the best for your child.


The class email you can contact me on during school hours is 


Thank you for your continued support.  Keep safe and please try to pass a smile on to your household. smileylaughsmiley


Miss G Eddy