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The last area of measure we are going to look at this week is time. Circles, you have already completed some work on time so you are going to do the same sheet as the Triangles and this is based on telling time to 5 minutes. Remember Circles, you have completed similar work in class. Rectangles and Pentagons, I would like you to take a look at the PowerPoint below and then tackle the sheet on 24-hour time.


Please ask someone in your house to test you on your spellings. Any corrections should be written out 3 times.


Then, read the text (below) which is all about advertising. There are some comprehension questions to go with this text. 

Phonics Crew - please ask someone to read the text for you and to scribe your answers. It is your understanding that is important in this exercise.


Extension: Make a list of your favourite advertising slogans. You could research this by listening to the radio, watching the television or researching on the internet.


Our topic this half-term is electricity but I didn't think it was very safe to set an experiment at home! It could be dangerous! Therefore, I have uploaded some paper design activities which link to our 2D shape work in maths and I think you will enjoy. Please choose one to complete. I know it is difficult to get hold of resources when you are isolating, so there is very little needed for these tasks. Most of all..... have fun!