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Monday 01/02/2021

Good morning! wink


Today's learning schedule






Dandelion Class Zoom - 2.15pm

Maths - Monday

Ordering Numbers to 20



We are nearing the end of writing our version of The Three Little Pigs. This process is a great way of developing the children's story writing skills. 


Today we would like you to write about the third little house and that the wolf character tried to blow the house down but couldn't. 

We will finish off the story on Wednesday when we will write about what happened to wolf character in the end.

Miss Howell Phonics

Monday - Alternative 'y' in Sunny

Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet Phase 5 - ew

Mrs Collins - Tricky words

DT – Homes


Make a home using materials from homes – loose construction home.  


We are going to starting to look at making a house over the coming weeks. Before we start the design process, let’s start today with putting together a house or a den without joining. You can use any materials you have at home. It could be pillows, tins, blankets etc. It is up to you. The idea is you think about the construction. What does a house have? It is just for fun. It could be a little home for insects outside. Remember, it is just loose construction.  Take some photos and email us, we would love to see them!

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