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Class Homework

WEEK 2 Writing Prompt


Click on this link to find a super picture. Scroll down and you will find questions and writing prompts. Remember to share your work with me by Gmail.

WEEK 2 Subtraction

Take a look at all these Literacy websites. Lots of resources and ideas here.

Want to do more Maths? Join the Daily Maths Party at 10am.



Remember, all your spellings are listed further down this page.


If you would like a website to help you with spellings, try:


Hello Lark Class


I know some of you have had trouble printing resources, either because you don't have working printers, or because the website is really busy and slow. Don't worry if you are struggling to access the work, the teachers are also having problems with the website for the same reasons.


Do what you can, when you can. If you can't print off the worksheets, copy the questions/answers into your Home Learning book, notebook, or sheet of paper. 


There are also lots of activities you can do around the house, such as baking/cooking, designing a game or activity, creating challenges for each other, playing board games or card games, keeping fit and reading, reading, reading!


Where tasks are labelled bronze, silver or gold, these tasks vary in difficulty and bronze is the easiest. Have a look at the tasks and see which one you think is the correct level to give you suitable challenge. If you complete a silver maths activity and then want to try a gold one, that is fine. 


I have now uploaded the beginning of Brightstorm. If you have a look in the folder called 'Story Time' it is in there. Some of the writing work will be based on this book, so make sure you enjoy listening to the recordings. 


Most importantly, stay inside, stay safe and look after each other. 


Miss Roberts, Mrs Beard, Mrs Webb

Week 1 Arithmetic

Week Beginning 23.3.20


For Thursday and Friday of this week, there are several different tasks for you to do (attached below). You can choose when you do them.

If the task has stars by it, the sheet with one star is the easiest. *   **   ***

You do not need to print off all these activities, some of them are games.


Let me know how you get on, by emailing


Miss Roberts smiley



25.3.20       XXV.III.MMXX


The answers for Monday and Tuesday's maths are attached below.


Today, warm up by practising 55 Club, or play this times tables game.

Then, try the Week 1 Maths Challenge.


Also, have a look at Vashti Hardy's Home Learning website and watch her video. Why not try the Great Story Lego Challenge, today.


Don't forget, the DT Challenge (to make a robot arm). Send me photos when you have finished it.


24.3.20 Home Learning Activities

Activities to keep you fit and healthy


Audio files of Brightstorm will be saved in the Story Time folder.

I hope you enjoy listening.



This week we started reading our new class novel, Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy. Each week I will upload an audio file of chapters from the book so that children can keep up with the story and not miss out on our class story time. I have been in touch with Vashti Hardy and she will be adding resources to her website, so I will add these when they appear.

For now, I am adding a pdf of Chapter 1 and a link to Vashti's website. 

Daily stories read by author Oliver Jeffers.

Y5 Spelling Lists

55 Club sheets - all levels

25 Non Screen Activities To Do At Home 17.3.20

Home Learning Project 17.3.20



Homework for Monmouth Class is given out on a Thursday and due in by the following Wednesday.


Reading - children should read at least 4 times a week at home and have their Reading Records signed.


Spellings - the children have a weekly spelling list to practise. This is in their red spelling books. These books need to be in school every Thursday, so we can give out the new list.

Times tables - these need to be practised at home. Children are expected to know all the tables up to 12x12 by the end of Year 4.


There may also be a grammar/maths sheet and a topic-related task.