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Class Homework

Weekend - 28.03.20/29.03.20


Over the weekend there will be no homework other than your usual reading/phonic practice. Remember to record this in your yellow reading record like usual. Please relax, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with your loved ones - that is also my plan!

If you do need some inspiration, have you seen Mr Priestley's challenge? If not head over to the 'Head Teacher's Blog', where you will find your mission. If you do any creative drawing, painting or artwork of ANY kind, please email a picture to me and I can pass them to Mr Priestley. If he gets 50 pictures in the next week, he will perform 'Let it go' from Frozen as a reward...



Picture 1
Picture 2
Picture 3

Maths - Shapes! I am setting you a challenge to build be a rocket, BUT it must include specific shapes. You can be as creative as you want, draw it, paint it, build it... I don't mind! 

I would like you to make a rocket that has;

3 rectangles, 3 triangles, 2 circles, 2 squares 

If you want to complete an extra challenge, can you build an unusual rocket with these shapes;

1 diamond, 2 stars, 2 ovals, 1 rectangle 

Look at the pictures above for examples. Email them to me if you can - please don’t worry if not. I’m sure these can count towards Mr Priestley’s challenge!! 


Writing - Look at the picture provided above and write what you can see! If you're stuck think about some of these questions. What do you think the children are doing? What do you think they have just learnt about? Who is the teacher? 
If you complete 1 sentence that is fine, if you complete more then amazing work!!

You DO NOT NEED TO PRINT THE PICTURE! You can look at the picture and then write a sentence on some paper!

Phonics -  Follow this link for an online game.

Can you match the word to the picture. Welcome to explore the rest of the site to find more games if you fancy!

Maths - No work sheet day YAY!  We haven't covered this in class yet so I want to make this fun! We are counting in 2's. Listen to this video: Listen to this a few times and see if you can join in with the song. Then throughout the day, I want you to find way to count in 2's. Every time you go up the stairs can you count in 2's? Can you share some sweets out by counting in 2's? How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer, can you count in 2's? Please don't feel like you need to record this in your book unless it helps!


Writing - 'Tricky Words'. Please can you children practice some 'tricky words'. The reason why we call them tricky words is because we can't use our sounds to spell them! Read them together and then practice spelling them. EXTRA CHALLENGE: write me a sentence that includes at least two of these tricky words! 


Phonics - Sound sorting. Sound out the words on the pictures and decide which box they should go in. Which phoneme does it contain? Remember if you can't print then you can draw it out or make a list in your book!



Maths - Subtraction sheet. There are two pages, you can choose an easier one, or a harder one. I'm asking for at least 5 questions to be answered. You DONT have to do both pages and can select a random range of questions. Welcome to complete more if you want!

Again, if you can't print write them down!


Writing - First, watch this video about capital letters and full stops.
Then, complete the sheet. There are 3 levels, each getting progressively harder. It is your/ child choice which one to complete. Welcome to write the edited sentences out. 
If your're choosing from the first two sheets, you only have to complete 4 sentences. 


Phonics - Follow this link

You will need to sign up BUT it is FREE online. There is an app version as well but you will have to pay. 
We play this in class a lot and the children LOVE it! We call it the 'alien game' at school. You can revisit all the sounds that would have been taught in reception, or can go straight on to our new Year 1 sounds but clicking on level 3. Don't just use this website for today, please use it whenever possible! 


Remember to read!

Here is a link I will be attaching everyday to remind you to read! They have some brilliant stories for children of all ages. It is all free so please use! Help you child have a love of storied through listening as well as reading.

Maths - Addition Elmer - please use a number line to support children's learning. Reminder when we add, our numbers get bigger! 

If you can't print out Elmer to colour, welcome to choose some of the maths sums to find the answers. Or if you're brave, welcome to draw Elmer....

Also - Can try this game on laptops and tablets. Please click on 'Count On, 0-20'

Writing - Letters for my future self. I came across this online and thought it would be a nice memory keepsake. Keep the answers somewhere safe and in a few year time you can all look back and see how much you have changed over the years. 
You don't need to write out the questions, encourage your children to write the answer in full sentences. E.g I am 5 years old and NOT 5. 


Phonics - I have attached a phonic mat pack. Please complete the FIRST ONE ONLY. I will be attaching the others and a later date to use. If you don't have a printer, remember you can record answer on paper or in your homework book!


Remember to READ! :)


Maths - Please complete the '5 Club'. This is where your children use their number bond knowledge to 10, 20 or 100. Your child should know which level they are on. Normally in class we give them 5mins to complete their level. If you complete your level easily, can you try the next one? (If you are unsure which level your child is on, welcome to send me an email!)

Writing - Look at the Pirate picture and describe what you see. How you do think the pirate got there? What will happen next? Who will the pirate meet? 


Phonics - Follow the link below. You can select with phonic phase to complete. Majority of chn should be on PHASE 5, but if too hard please select another level. 
Children to sound out the word on the 'alien food'. If it is a real word, give it to Bob, if it is a silly word, give it to Obb!


READ! :) 

Dandelion Project - 17.03.20

Please see the attached project for Dandelion Class above. You are expected to complete this over the next few weeks, little and often is best! :) 

Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps

Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps  1
Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps  2
Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps  3
Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps  4



Homework for Dandelion class includes phonics, 5 club and regular reading. As the year progresses there might be more maths and writing tasks to complete. 


Phonics- Please practice regular phonics to keep your children up to date with their sounds. This helps both writing and reading. Please take a look at some of the websites below for more information. 


Reading - children should read at least 4 times a week at home and have their complete this challenge. We also have a reading King and Queen for the week!Reading Records signed. Extra rewards are given on a Friday for children who


'5 Club' - Children will regularly complete the 5 club at school. This is where children must use their number bonds to 10, 20 or 100! Their sheets are marked and sent home to practice. Once they have completed each stage 3 times correctly, they progress through the levels. 



Please take a look at the sounds we have been learning!





Useful Phonic Websites and Apps:

(Website is free, just need to register!)