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Class Homework

Summer 2

Weekly planning w/c 13.07.20

Weekly home learning plan w/c 06.07.20


This week we are having a PE and Science Enrichment week.  We look forward to seeing your photos of any of the activities you try at home, as well as the 'It's a Wrap' competition entries. smiley

Welcome back!


I hope you have had a great half term, filled with sunshine.

I will continue to post weekly planning here for children to continue to do their learning at home. For the children attending school, we look forward to welcoming you back. As you know, this will be only part time at the moment, so please complete some of these activities too. smiley

 We are looking forward to seeing many of you this week. smiley

Weekly planning w/c 08.06.20




Why not take part in this summer reading challenge. For more details click on the link below.

Weekly planning w/c/ 1/6/20



Summer 1

Weekly planning w/c 18.05.20

Week beginning 11/05/2020


I hope you have had a lovely Bank Holiday and enjoyed some sunshine. It was great to see so many photos from Life Skills week. 

This week I have posted a plan for the week rather than daily.

Have a great week. smiley

Weekly Plan - Week beginning 11/05/2020

Monday 4th - Friday 8th- Daily Work

This week, it is 'Life Skills' week. There will be no daily maths, writing or topic. 
Please find attached a chart of random tasks that your children should have a go at practicing this week. Some will be useful for school and home life! 
Try and keep a record of the ones you complete. Send in pictures or videos for us to see. You will get 10 house points for each one completed, only if we can see them though! 
For more information please see Mr Priestley's video:

All I ask is you please keep up with your reading/ phonics. You will find the link below for daily phonics lessons, please continue this. You still have your 'grown your own garden' craft project that can be continued through this week too. Please feel free to complete any 5 clubs that can be found below with Fridays date if you complete your life skills chart quickly!

Please don't hesitate to email with any questions/concerns etc about anything we can help with. A member of the Year 1 team will be in touch as soon as possible. 

I look forward to seeing your picture this week, have fun! laugh 


New online phonic lessons are now available. All lessons are introduced by celebrities, TV presenters to add some excitement. There are 3 different sets of daily lessons to choose from. Majority of children will be able to participate in the 10am or 10.30 slot. If you are unsure which to choose for your child, email me and I'll recommend which slot to choose.
Here are the 3 slots:


11 am* Learning to blend   
For children in Reception and Year 1 who need extra practice sounding and reading words such as ‘tap’ ‘cap’ ‘mat’ ‘pat’ 
 10 am* Reception Summer term 
For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘fish’ ‘chat’ and ‘rain’ 
10:30 am* Year 1 Summer term 
For children who can confidently blend and read words such as ‘stamp’ ‘chair’ and ‘green'


Please find more information attached in the two documents above. You will also find a timetable of upcoming lessons. THIS WILL BE PART OF YOUR DAILY LEARNING AS OF WED 28th.

Maths - '5 Club'
Please find attached all the '5 club' levels. Complete your level, try and complete it in 5 mins! Why not push yourself and have a go at the next stage too?

Writing - Adding 'ed'
Find the teaching Powerpoint above and then complete the worksheet. 

Phonics-  Daily lessons
Watch the daily lesson here:
I have also attached a 'tricky word' powerpoint that you might like to go through. Please only work through a couple of slides, there are too many to do in one go!

Topic - Grow your own garden!
This is to be an ongoing project for the next week. 
Grab on old cardboard/shoe box and create your own garden! More information attached above. Welcome to email me photos whenever it is complete!

Maths- Counting in 5s
Watch this video again from yesterday, encourage your child to join in.
Above is a powerpoint to work through together, parents you can guide your child and help to teach them with this. You do not need to print this out, it is to help discussion!
Then there is a sheet included. Do not panic if you can not complete all of it, just try and learn to count in 5s using the song if needed. 
On the sheet I have included a 100 square, your child could count in 5s and circle the numbers first to help them. 

Writing - Changing!
It is time to write the start of your own story! I have taken the beginning of Sidney's Story but left some spaces for you to change the story into your own. You can change the characters, setting and actions. All will become clear in the document above!

Phonics - 
Please follow the online daily lessons - more information is above.  

A Dandelion parent kindly got in touch with me yesterday explaining she found a phonic game that her child is enjoying. She kindly shared the link, you will find it here: 

 Specifically, I think it was the pirate game! 

I have posted an OPTIONAL powerpoint above that you can quickly flick through all the sounds. 


Wednesday 29th April - Daily work

Maths - Counting in 5s.


Watch this counting in 5s singing video. Encourage your child to join in, you will need to listen to it a few times throughout the day!


Then, watch this little teaching video. Make sure you only watch 'Part A'.


Today there is no sheet, but I would like you to do a practical activity. Find many objects around the house and group them in 5's. (This could be pasta shells, pencils, beads, pennies or cut some shapes out.) Then ask your child to count out different quantities by counting in 5's. E.g "Can you show me 40 beads." "Now can you show me "10 beads." etc. Make sure your child is counting in 5's as the objects are in groups of 5. You might need to remind them by joining in with initial counting "5, 10, 15..."
After, you could give your child different amount of objects (in groups of 5 of course!) and ask them how many are on the table. Then provide more/less objects and ask them to recount this time. 


Writing - Fact File
Sidney Spider has created a fact file with information about himself. Can you research a different creature and create your own fact file? Example might include: butterflies, worms, ladybird, woodlice. 


Phonics- Watch the daily lesson online. Above I still have all the information you need. Here is the link.


Maths - Counting in 10s.
First listen to this counting in 10s song. Encourage your child to sing along. 

Then watch this teaching video

Click on WEEK 2, LESSON 2. Then complete the sheet attached above. I have also added a counting in 10s maze, but this is optional. 

Writing - Where else could they hide?

Sidney and his new friends need to think of some new places to hide! Finish off the sentence starters on the sheet.

To extend yourself, can you come up with your own sentences?

Phonics - Hopefully you have all read my post above about NEW phonics teaching. Yay! Please read the two documents in the post above, which will explain these interactive lessons further.

This is the link that will take you to the Youtube page. Please email if you would like recommendations on which video slot to watch. Don't worry if you do miss the time slot, the videos are all available to watch again. This provides more flexibility with your learning. This will become part of your daily learning now.

Hope you have had a lovely weekend everyone!  smiley
I would like to remind parents that it is FINE if you don't complete all the daily work.  All I ask is that you do a little bit. For example, in maths you might only be able to look through the powerpoint - that is fine. In writing, you might only be able to do 2 sentences - that is also fine! Make sure you read my subject information as this will tell you my expectations. E.g only complete 1 sheet, not all 3!

All children are completely different! Some can work for longer periods of time, some need regular breaks. If at any point your child is struggling, please STOP. You can try again later, but if they are still struggling don't panic. I'm happy with just a small attempt. 

I don't want your child (or you!) to feel extra pressure at the moment. If there are any questions or you would like some reassurance, PLEASE EMAIL ME!

Maths -  Counting in 2s.
Follow this link to listen to the counting in 2's video again from last term.

There is a powerpoint above to work through. You don't need to print this, you and your child can talk about the questions together. This is a time to practice their skills. 
Then there is a sheet attached to try and complete.  
I have also added a large '100 square' which might offer your child some support. Circle the numbers you say when counting in 2's first, then they can use these numbers to help them count. 


Writing- Edit Capital letters and full stops.
Sidney forgot to use his capital letters and full stops in his letter! Can you edit his letter?
Then, try and write his letter up neat using the correct capital letters and full stops! 
Don't feel like you have to do the whole letter. If it is getting too much, one or two sentences is fine!!



This is a new game I haven't added before. 
A sentence will appear at the bottom. Can you swap the new words at the top to create a brand new sentence? It can be as silly as you like!


Topic - What do plants need to grow?
Have a little chat and see if you can think of all the things plants need to stay healthy - some are the same as us! There is a short powerpoint to help if needed. 
For your activity, you can draw a diagram of a plant and include  the things the flower will need around it. E.g rain cloud or watering can for water. You can be creative as a you want, get the pencil crayons and paints out! 
Or, I have attached a small sheet above if you would rather complete that. 

Again, this topic work can be completed any time during the week- doesn't have to be today!

Maths - Above I have attached a powerpoint to work through. In red I have reworded some questions to make it a bit more child friendly. It is interactive and will ask questions along the way. 

If your child found the powerpoint hard, then take a break and recap later and don't worry about the sheet. 
If your child was more confident, I have attached a sheet above to try. It only has three questions as I am aware they answered questions in the powerpoint. 
Try and do some activities based around this maths outside with water - best way to learn is through play! How many cups does it take to fill a jug? How many spoons do you need to fill a cup? ETC. Getting outside and playing with the water is the best way to learn - this is how I would do it at school! 


Writing - Adding 'ing'
Children need to learn to add '-ing' to a verb. We add '-ing' when we are doing something. E.g  cry à crying
sing  à singing
Beth likes to play.  à Beth is playing.

Work through the above powerpoint with your child. Then I have added a document including 3 sheets. YOU ONLY COMPLETE ONE SHEET. 
There are 3 different levels of difficulty. The first one (1 star) is the easiest. The second (2 stars) is at an average Y1 child level. Finally the third (3 stars) is more difficult and includes more writing. (Although majority of children could do level 3!)
It is your choice/ your child's choice to choose a suitable level. ONLY DO ONE please.


Phonics - Teach your monsters to read app/website. 

Topic- I'm adding an art activity to look at. 
In class, we would have been looking at the famous painter called Van Gogh. Take a look at the attachment above to see one of this famous paintings on the first page. It has some information about how he created his painting. If you fancy see if you could recreate this? Try painting or colouring! 



Today we are starting to look at capacity and volume. Although these are large words for children to understand, all it means is HOW MUCH SOMETHING CAN HOLD. 
Follow the link again to watch the teaching video:
WEEK 1, LESSON 4, CAPACITY AND VOLUME. Your sheet is attached above and on the website. 
As the weather is meant to be nice today, make the most of it and play with water and different containers! Can you fill a cup up to show it is full? How will you make it half full? How do then make it empty? Parents if you have any food colouring, add it to the water, it will help your child to see the water level easier! 

Today is a comprehension activity where you will have questions on the 'Sidney Spider' story. Please open to document above. Try to write your answers as full sentence.

E.g 'He felt happy' instead of just 'happy'. 




I have now completed our new class book 'Esio Trot', so please go and check it out. You will find it by clicking on the 'story time' star. Give me an email telling me your thoughts on the story, would love to hear your views! 


Also have you seen the new school challenge? We want to make a collage that will eventually build a rainbow using small photos of us all. To do this, we need you to send pictures of yourselves dressed in different colours. I done my red one yesterday... I'm off to find some orange things today! We need a lot to firstly build the rainbow but also there will be another treat.....! For more information follow this link.



We are continuing weight and mass. Today we are looking at comparing weight. Follow the link to find the teaching video again.

Complete the sheet. I have attached it above but it is also on the website. 

Today, you have some speech bubbles. Can you remember who said the quote? If you can't then become a detective and read back through the story! 
Extension: Can you write any other speech that the same characters said?


Complete the phonic mat attached above. It uses a range of sounds parts of it should be accessible for all. 


I have now added an introduction video to our new class story and some voice clips. Go and click on the 'Story Time' star to find it! 

Maths - We are continuing our learning about weight and mass. Today we will look at measuring weight.  Follow this link again to find the teaching video first and then complete the sheet.
I have attached the sheet above or you can access it on the website too. Remember to find out how much something weighs, the balance scales must lay flat so both sides are even! 
The last question is hard to complete as we are not at school and you most likely don't have balance scales at home so please don't worry about this one! 


Writing - Hopefully you all read/listened to Sidney Spider yesterday. Today, I would like you to read it/listen to it again, see if you can join in or stop every so often and try to guess what happened next. (I have attached the story again above)
Then, answer Sidney's post it note questions, he wants to know your thoughts on his story! Write at least one sentence for each post it note, BUT you must try and use 'and' to join two sentences. 
E.g I liked it when Susie helped Sidney AND when they had a party. 
Remember your capital letters and full stops! (Parents, spellings don't have to be perfect at this age, as long as they are using their phonics to sound out)

For an EXTRA CHALLENGE can you use 'because' in your sentence to tell me why?

E.g I liked it when Susie helped Sidney and when they had a party BECAUSE they all became friends. 

The post it notes aren't very big to write on, so might be easier to NOT print the page above and just write on a normal bit of paper. 

Phonics - Please use the 'Teach your monsters to read' game/app.


As always, you DON'T  need to print the pages! You can write your answers on any paper. 


I am also going to be reading a new book to you. Click on the 'Story time' star to take a look! Hopefully by the end of today I will have a new video up to introduce the new book and some voice clips to listen to it. Apologies if it does not make it online today, but please keep checking in as it will make it up eventually. (I have awful internet signal so please bare with!)blush

Welcome Back Dandelions!yes

Hello! I hope you have all had a restful Easter and been enjoying the weather, the sun has been lovely!
Now we are 'back to school', I will be uploading daily learning tasks to complete again. Before Easter, I was choosing activities to recap previous learning but I am now having to put new learning online to try and continue the normal Year 1 curriculum. Please don't panic if your child finds some tasks hard - this learning will be new to them!! If your child finds something too difficult, stop and take a break. Do not push your child, sometimes coming back to an activity with a fresh mind will help! Like always, I am here to help as best as I can. So please don't hesitate to message me through:

I would like to continue to post your efforts online, so welcome to send me pictures of ANY activity you have been up to! Art, cooking, reading - doesn't have to be just the daily work! I understand some of your children might be sad that they cant see their friends, so sharing some class pictures is a nice way to keep in touch.


Scroll down to find today's work. Remember, if you can't get through the daily work please don't worry. This is an extremely difficult time for all of us and I have already been impressed with a lot of your efforts. We all need a break sometimes, adults included! All I ask is that you try your best!


Keep safe and keep in touch,


Miss Howell blush







I will be using this website a lot for home learning. Follow this link:

Please click on WEEK 1, LESSON 1. It is called 'Introduce weight and mass.'
This week we are learning how heavy/light objects are. 
Watch the 'teaching' video and talk about the scales moving either up or down depending if it is heavier or lighter. Then complete the work sheet. I have attached it above, but it is also on the website. 
YOU DO NOT NEED TO PRINT! You can just write/draw the answers. E.g
1) Apple
2) Rubber 
3) Heavier etc. 



For a while, our writing activities will be based on one text - like we would do at school.
This time, it is a short story about 'Sidney Spider'.  As all the activities will be about this story, you need to have a good understanding of it. 
Above, I have typed the story to read, or here is a link to listen to it.


Today's activity is about learning and understanding the story. Listen/ read the story. You might need to hear it a few times throughout the day to process it. 
Adults you can ask questions get your child to think, have a good discussion about the story like you would with any other story! Here are some examples:
'Where did Sidney live?'  'How do you think he felt at the start of the story, why?'  'How did the spiders help Sidney?'  'Who were they scared of?'  'What happened after Susie helped him?' 'Why did they have a party at the end?' 
Or you could draw out the key events of the story in picture frames. You could draw what happened first, next, then, after that and finally. Make sure you draw the pictures in order! 



Odd and Bob game. This is a link for Phase 5 as majority of the class should be developing their knowledge in this phase. You can change the 'phase' and find a game suitable for your child's level. Look at your reading book at it will tell you which level your child is on. 

E.g If your childs reading book has a '4' sticker, you could play a phase 4 game online. 



Topic: I will now be posting one or two 'Topic' based activities a week. This might include science, art, geography or history. I will post them at the start of the week so you will have a few days to complete it, or you can wait till the weekend. This work is flexible and does not have to be completed today.  


This week it is science. I have attached a powerpoint above to teach each part of a flower and what each part does. I would like you to look through it and learn the main parts. 

Then, I would like you to be creative and paint, draw, create your own flower and label the parts that you have learnt. Where are the petals? Where would the roots go? ETC. Last year in school, we used sweets to build and label a flower! How creative can you be? 

Extension:  Can you remember what each part does? Which part makes the food? Which one carries the water?

If you have flowers at home, take a look and name the different parts! 

Department for Education: 

Follow the link below and you will find a list of websites and resources that the government have created to help both teachers and parents with home learning. Welcome to have a little look if you feel like you need further ideas/ support. πŸ˜„ 

Please note, there are secondary resources documented as well, please only look at PRIMARY!




Easter Holidays!
It is time for our 2 week Easter break, I hope you all spend some time relaxing after working very hard with the daily tasks. Below I have added some links/pictures of activities you might find fun over the holidays - but you don't have to complete them! Remember you have your ‘Queen of hearts’ topic activities to complete too. That is attached further down this page. 
All I ask is:
- Read daily and record in your yellow record.
- Go through your phonic sound mat. 

I will still be available through email, although my responses might not be as quick.

Please still send me pictures of anything you're getting up to, I have really enjoyed them! smiley

Well done Dandelions! 🌼

Hot Cross Bunny

Daily Work - 03.04.20 Fri

Maths - Maths Treasure Hunt! Look at the picture above and you will see some tasks to do around the house. This is meant to be a little bit of fun for before the holidays start. Don't panic if you don't have exactly the right objects, be imaginative and creative. You can write down the answers or you can send me a picture of you on your hunt. Good luck!


Writing - Easter cards. As it is the last day of 'term' I thought it would be nice to make some Easter cards. You can make the front of the card and then write inside. It might be nice to give it/post it to a family member you can't see at the moment Or a neighbour you would like to check in on. See if you can send it to someone to make them smile!

Above I have attached some example card designs but I want you to think carefully what Easter means t you. Would love to see some pictures!


Phonics -
Teach your monster to read link is above. Hopefully, you should have all signed up already. Remember it is FREE on the website, or you can download an app (will cost).

Remember to read! laugh

Daily work- 02.04.20 Thurs

Maths - How did you get on counting in 2's last week? Here is the video link, see if you can join in again. Above is a little counting in 2s sheet, see if you can fill in the missing numbers. 
If you are feeling brave welcome to try counting in 10s.
How far can you go? Who will be able to make it to 100? Welcome to send me videos of counting in 2's or 10's - I can add them to the class website!

Writing -  Today I would like you to write a recount of what you have been up to - a bit like a diary entry! Here are some questions to give you some ideas. 
What activities have you been doing? Who have you been spending time with?
What has been your favourite thing to do? Have you learnt anything new? What are you looking forward to doing? 
Don't have to answer the questions, just there as a prompt! Talk it through first so children have an idea in their head what to write! I will look forward to reading them!

Buried treasure! Children will practice their blending skills in this game. They need to read the word and decide if it is real (treasure!) or not (rubbish).  You can choose the level yourself.
Phase 2 is single sounds
Phase 3 is digraphs (2 letters that make 1 sound e.g oi, ow, ee )

Phase 4 is blends 
Phase 5 is our new sounds
If you want advice which to choose for your child - give me an email but welcome to try any of the levels out!


READ! smiley I have now uploaded all the chapters for The Twits - finally got the hang on how to upload voice clips. Welcome to give them a listen. Hope you enjoy! 

Maths - Comparing numbers to 50. Above is the maths document to complete with instructions. To compare numbers we use the inequality symbols (< = >) or CHARLIE CROC as the children know it! complete as many as possible - there is an extra challenge if you would like to try it. Reminder - you do not need to print this out, welcome to write it down.


Writing- Today I would like you to drawn/ paint/ create an alien - be as creative as you want! Then, you need to describe it to me. Remember to use your adjectives! Can you challenge yourself and use a 2A sentence? (2 adjectives e.g big, brown arms)
It can be as weird and as wonderful as you like! Will your alien have seven wiggly arms? Or maybe yellow, round splotches? How many eyes? Be creative and tell me all about it! 
It is up to you how many sentences you write about your character. Parents if you can only complete one sentence then that is fine, please don't stress.


Phonics - Above is an 'ew' spotter! There is a postcard that have words that contain the 'ew' sound.  Remind children it is our new 'ew' for SCREW (we use a picture of a screw to help them!).  Encourage your child to have a go at reading the postcard but if it is too advanced, parents you are welcome to read it to them. Then there are a few comprehension questions to answer all about the 'ew' sound. Reminder - you do not need to print this out, you can just write down the answer. 


READ! laugh Any problems give me an email, been lovely hearing from some parents!

Maths - Above I have attached the 5 club sheets again. I know this was set last week, but number bonds to 10 and 20 are essential for year 1 learning. We normally try and do this 3 times a week!! In class, we give the children 5 mins to complete their level as much as possible, but welcome to complete at your own leisure too.
If you are happy with your level, push your self.... can you answer any questions from the next level, or even the one after?

Writing - Above, I have given you a character description and I want to see if you can follow the adjectives to draw, colour, paint or create this character! I wonder who will be the closest? Parents, it will be very helpful if you read this out for you child.
Welcome to send me what you think the character looks like through email, I'll send back my drawing and we can compare!


Phonics - I'm trying to keep phonics fun and interactive as possible! Follow this link and it will take you to a game. You must sound out the word you see on screen - some might be naughty alien words so be careful!! Parents, you are to tick or cross if your child was right or not. This is in preparation for our phonics screening check in June (if it is still happening!)

 If you are unable to access this online for whatever reason, then just work through your sound mats. Children, you could test your parents knowledge and maybe teach them some sounds?


Daily Work - 30.03 Mon

Welcome to a new week Dandelions! smiley Hope you all had a good weekend. Remember, parents you are welcome to email me with any issues or concerns you have. Also, it has been lovely receiving pictures and videos of the children with their hard work. If you send me a picture I can put them on our class photo page! I have already uploaded some, it has been nice to keep in touch!


Maths- Ordering numbers to 50! My naughty numbers have been mixed up! Can you put them back in order, starting from the smallest to the biggest? Remember look at the tens first and then the ones to help you! 
There are 3 little questions, each time there is an extra number - how far can you go? (Don't panic parents if they can't do all 3!) Again, you DO NOT need to print the page, write them in the right order on some paper! 
If  you would rather, here is an online game I found doing the same activity.   You need to scroll down to 'Putting numbers in the correct order' There are other little games you're welcome to play but don't have to. 

Writing - Write out an answer to this question.
If you had £1,000,000 what would you do with it? 

Write your answer on some paper or in your homework book. Welcome to draw pcitures to go with it! 


Phonics - Spend some time on 'Teach your Monsters to Read' again. You should've signed up last week, so you already have an account to play with!


And of course READ!  I have now uploaded some voice clips of me reading the Twits. Welcome to give that a listen or try

Weekend - 28.03.20/29.03.20


Over the weekend there will be no homework other than your usual reading/phonic practice. Remember to record this in your yellow reading record like usual. Please relax, enjoy the sunshine and spend time with your loved ones - that is also my plan!

If you do need some inspiration, have you seen Mr Priestley's challenge? If not head over to the 'Head Teacher's Blog', where you will find your mission. If you do any creative drawing, painting or artwork of ANY kind, please email a picture to me and I can pass them to Mr Priestley. If he gets 50 pictures in the next week, he will perform 'Let it go' from Frozen as a reward...



Maths - Shapes! I am setting you a challenge to build be a rocket, BUT it must include specific shapes. You can be as creative as you want, draw it, paint it, build it... I don't mind! 

I would like you to make a rocket that has;

3 rectangles, 3 triangles, 2 circles, 2 squares 

If you want to complete an extra challenge, can you build an unusual rocket with these shapes;

1 diamond, 2 stars, 2 ovals, 1 rectangle 

Look at the pictures above for examples. Email them to me if you can - please don’t worry if not. I’m sure these can count towards Mr Priestley’s challenge!! 


Writing - Look at the picture provided above and write what you can see! If you're stuck think about some of these questions. What do you think the children are doing? What do you think they have just learnt about? Who is the teacher? 
If you complete 1 sentence that is fine, if you complete more then amazing work!!

You DO NOT NEED TO PRINT THE PICTURE! You can look at the picture and then write a sentence on some paper!

Phonics -  Follow this link for an online game.

Can you match the word to the picture. Welcome to explore the rest of the site to find more games if you fancy!

Maths - No work sheet day YAY!  We haven't covered this in class yet so I want to make this fun! We are counting in 2's. Listen to this video: Listen to this a few times and see if you can join in with the song. Then throughout the day, I want you to find way to count in 2's. Every time you go up the stairs can you count in 2's? Can you share some sweets out by counting in 2's? How many pairs of socks do you have in your drawer, can you count in 2's? Please don't feel like you need to record this in your book unless it helps!


Writing - 'Tricky Words'. Please can you children practice some 'tricky words'. The reason why we call them tricky words is because we can't use our sounds to spell them! Read them together and then practice spelling them. EXTRA CHALLENGE: write me a sentence that includes at least two of these tricky words! 


Phonics - Sound sorting. Sound out the words on the pictures and decide which box they should go in. Which phoneme does it contain? Remember if you can't print then you can draw it out or make a list in your book!



Maths - Subtraction sheet. There are two pages, you can choose an easier one, or a harder one. I'm asking for at least 5 questions to be answered. You DONT have to do both pages and can select a random range of questions. Welcome to complete more if you want!

Again, if you can't print write them down!


Writing - First, watch this video about capital letters and full stops.
Then, complete the sheet. There are 3 levels, each getting progressively harder. It is your/ child choice which one to complete. Welcome to write the edited sentences out. 
If your're choosing from the first two sheets, you only have to complete 4 sentences. 


Phonics - Follow this link

You will need to sign up BUT it is FREE online. There is an app version as well but you will have to pay. 
We play this in class a lot and the children LOVE it! We call it the 'alien game' at school. You can revisit all the sounds that would have been taught in reception, or can go straight on to our new Year 1 sounds but clicking on level 3. Don't just use this website for today, please use it whenever possible! 


Remember to read!

Here is a link I will be attaching everyday to remind you to read! They have some brilliant stories for children of all ages. It is all free so please use! Help you child have a love of storied through listening as well as reading.

Maths - Addition Elmer - please use a number line to support children's learning. Reminder when we add, our numbers get bigger! 

If you can't print out Elmer to colour, welcome to choose some of the maths sums to find the answers. Or if you're brave, welcome to draw Elmer....

Also - Can try this game on laptops and tablets. Please click on 'Count On, 0-20'

Writing - Letters for my future self. I came across this online and thought it would be a nice memory keepsake. Keep the answers somewhere safe and in a few year time you can all look back and see how much you have changed over the years. 
You don't need to write out the questions, encourage your children to write the answer in full sentences. E.g I am 5 years old and NOT 5. 


Phonics - I have attached a phonic mat pack. Please complete the FIRST ONE ONLY. I will be attaching the others and a later date to use. If you don't have a printer, remember you can record answer on paper or in your homework book!


Remember to READ! :)


Maths - Please complete the '5 Club'. This is where your children use their number bond knowledge to 10, 20 or 100. Your child should know which level they are on. Normally in class we give them 5mins to complete their level. If you complete your level easily, can you try the next one? (If you are unsure which level your child is on, welcome to send me an email!)

Writing - Look at the Pirate picture and describe what you see. How you do think the pirate got there? What will happen next? Who will the pirate meet? 


Phonics - Follow the link below. You can select with phonic phase to complete. Majority of chn should be on PHASE 5, but if too hard please select another level. 
Children to sound out the word on the 'alien food'. If it is a real word, give it to Bob, if it is a silly word, give it to Obb!


READ! :) 

Dandelion Project - 17.03.20

Please see the attached project for Dandelion Class above. You are expected to complete this over the next few weeks, little and often is best! :) 

Closure Update - Useful Links, Website and Apps



Homework for Dandelion class includes phonics, 5 club and regular reading. As the year progresses there might be more maths and writing tasks to complete. 


Phonics- Please practice regular phonics to keep your children up to date with their sounds. This helps both writing and reading. Please take a look at some of the websites below for more information. 


Reading - children should read at least 4 times a week at home and have their complete this challenge. We also have a reading King and Queen for the week!Reading Records signed. Extra rewards are given on a Friday for children who


'5 Club' - Children will regularly complete the 5 club at school. This is where children must use their number bonds to 10, 20 or 100! Their sheets are marked and sent home to practice. Once they have completed each stage 3 times correctly, they progress through the levels. 



Please take a look at the sounds we have been learning!





Useful Phonic Websites and Apps:

(Website is free, just need to register!)