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Wednesday 24/02/2021

 Good Morning yes


Today's Learning Schedule





Story time

Wednesday Maths



Today you are going to comparing two different sets of instructions to make a jam sandwich.


Have a look carefully. What is different about them? List the things that are different.

If you were to make a jam sandwich, which set would you use and why?




Make a Jam Sandwich following these instructions. (You can substitute the jam).

Did you find them useful?


Extra challenge

Draw or write a set of simple instructions for making toast.



Miss Howell's Phonics

Recap i and o

Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet Phonics

Split digraph u_e

Mrs Collins Super Power Words: video 3: my (tricky words)

Learn tricky words in a fun way! Today's word: my



We are starting a new topic in Science this week - Plants!


What do you know about Plants?

When we start a new topic we always think about what we know and what we would like to find out.  So have a think and write or draw down what you know and what you would like to find out about plants. You can get your parents to write it down if you prefer.



What do you think plants need to grow?

What do you think these seeds will grow into?


Plant some seeds

If you haven't got seeds, you can pick up a little packet from the school office. 

Follow the instructions on the document. If you haven't got a pot,  you can use a toilet roll tube which can later all be planted into the ground, or a bigger pot. You can get some soil from your garden or maybe on a walk if you don't have compost.

What do you think the seeds or bulbs might grow into? 

Don't forget to take some photos! It is always good to take a photo every week to see the changes that occur.

Storytime Peace at Last

Peace at Last by Jill Murphy, brought to life by Simple Stories!Please visit our;Website - http://www.simplestories.netFacebook -