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Work for Thursday 11th February 2021



For each maths lesson, there will be a video to watch first with an online activity to complete. Today, I have provided a link to the White Rose Hub site, please watch and respond to the 'Count Money in Notes and Coins' video before completing the worksheet. There will also be additional activities below the video link to work through as well. The activities are labelled as, 'Bronze, Silver and Gold' as they get more challenging at each level. Your child only needs to complete one activity level, although they might like to try a more challenging level as well. Please focus on the quality of your child's work, and ensure that they have set their work out neatly and fully answered each question. You can print the sheets out, if you like, but this is not necessary, as your child can work from the screen onto paper.



We are starting a new English topic, which is based around owls. We are going to start by thinking about what we already know and what we would like to find out. There is a picture of an owl to look at, as well as a video about owls, which will help you to answer the questions on the activity sheet. 



Regularly, there will be a phonics video to watch with an activity to complete, we are revising many of the phonemes that your child will already be familiar with and looking at alternative spellings. There will be different activities depending on the spelling/phonics group that your child is in, this is the same as their spelling homework group.



Each day, I will be adding some reading resources to the class webpage, choose the level of text that is appropriate for your child from the Gold, Silver and Bronze options. The text shouldn't take very long to read, but your child might need to read and then reread the text before answering the related questions. The answer sheets are for an adult to check the answers if your child is working independently. Please keep encouraging your child to read as often and as widely as possible in addition to the tasks set online.



Our topic this half-term is Homes From the Past, we will be learning about different types of homes and comparing their features. Our learning will have a particular focus on Victorian houses. The information for each of these lessons will be presented as slides with worksheets to complete. Please choose the worksheet level that you feel is appropriate for your child from the Gold, Silver and Bronze options. Your child does not need to complete all of the work sheets. For today's lesson, we are reviewing what we have learnt over the past five weeks and answering questions to show what we can remember.