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LO: To write contractions

Warm-up: Vocab ideas - idioms – • 'Read between the lines' – (Find the hidden meaning)


Main – contractions in the text. A contraction is a shorted informal word eg, 'he is' can be contracted to the informal word 'he's'.  See power point for further help on contractions, if needed.


Talk about the Prefix – anti - what words do you know/can find in books at home?


SPELLING TEST is also today.  Please see the spellings in the star labelled 'topic/other'.  Do let me know how your child has done.

Work on contractions, based on the story Pebble in my Pocket.  See sheet.  PLEASE ONLY COMPLETE ONE SHEET.  THEY ARE DIFFERENTIATED FOR ALL ABILITIES OF CHILDREN.


Contractions power point to assist learning later in the task

Work to be carried out.