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Yesterday you completed some length work; today you will be working on capacity - the amount of liquid that can be fitted into a container.

In the metric system, we measure in millilitres (ml) and litres (L). In the imperial system, we measure in fluid ounces (fl oz), pints (pt), quarts and gallons.


Using the metric system (and with an adult's help), find 5 containers of different sizes. Circles, please put them in order of size and make sure they hold water before you start! Estimate how many millilitres, or even litres each container holds, then measure to see how accurate your estimation skills are.


Triangles, Rectangles and Pentagons:

What is the difference in capacity between the smallest and largest containers?

Can you total all the capacities?



Convert your capacities into an imperial measurement. You can use a calculator for this.



Yesterday you planned a piece of advertising text all about your brand new chocolate bar. Today, you are going to write it up as a script for a voice-over artist to use when recording an advert. On the page, this will just look like a paragraphed piece of text. Reminder: start a new paragraph when the topic changes. Please bring this finished piece of work to school next week so you can perform it, if you would like to.


There is a toolkit below for you to complete and tick as you go. Don't forget to write a comment.



Yesterday you researched a country and today you will be using more precise geographical skills to work with maps. In maths, we have spent time practising how to use co-ordinates (along the corridor and up the stairs) and now you will apply this knowledge to a world map.


Please use the map worksheet attached below. There are 3 different sheets, each labelled with your maths group name so make sure you choose the right one.


NB parents: the answers are included but hide them from your children!


See you at 10am and then 2pm in our Zoom Room!