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Thursday 25/02/2021

Good Morning Everyone wink


Today's Learning Schedule







Related Facts -  Problem solving and reasoning  

Maths - Thursday




Time conjunctions are words that we use in instructions to help set out the order in which the actions should happen.  Have a look at the time conjuction words.


Then choose task 1, 2 or 3


1. Put the pictures in order. Write the the bossy verb.

2. Put the pictures in order. Write the the bossy verb and a time conjunction for each picture.

3. Put the pictures in order. Write a short sentence for each picture, using a time conjunction and a bossy verb.

Miss Howell Phonics - Thursday

Recap g and u

Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet Phonics

Mrs Collins Super Power Words: video 4: to (Tricky words)

The fourth video in the Super Power Word series. Today we review the, I, my and we learn the word to.



We are starting a new Unit about maps and our local area.


Click on the link for Google Earth or download the app. 

If you click on the button at the bottom right of this picture  (looks like a target), You should be able to see your location. (You will have to allow the website to have your location.) 

If you click on the man, it takes you to street view. 

You can search for other places you can think of too.  If you use the search tool on the left hand side of the page. It is really fascinating!


Then look at the document with different types of maps.

What do you notice about the maps? When would you use each map? What are the maps of?  Write a sentence or more for your answers.



The Tiger Who Came to Tea