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Work for Tuesday 19th January 2021



Normally on a Tuesday morning, we would have a PE lesson with Mr. Parsons. It is really important that the children continue to have regular physical activity, so I will be setting PE as an activity on a Tuesday morning. You may decide to use this time to go for a walk or a run as a family, or you may have some good activities that you can do at home. I have included a link to a great website that has lots of really good ideas for PE activities that can easily be done at home. Choose the activity or activities that work for you, you can focus on one or try a few - it's up to you. Have fun!



On Tuesdays, we focus on our Mental Arithmetic strategies in maths. These are strategies that we can mostly do in our heads, or without needing to use a formal written method. I have included a Bronze, Silver and Gold activity sheet for the children to complete. See how many questions they can complete without any help, and then look at their answers and the strategies that they have used together. If they have made any mistakes, try and encourage them to go back and correct them. 



On Tuesdays, we have a focused grammar lesson, where we learn about the structure of writing. There is a video to watch first, which will support the children in completing their Bronze, Silver or Gold activity sheets. This is the same video and online activities as last week, but it will be a good reminder before completing the tasks for this week, which are also about using conjunctions in sentences. 



Today we are going to practice our spellings in preparation for our spelling test on Friday. The spellings for this week can be found in the Homework Folder, or on Friday's Home Learning page. The activity today is the same for each spelling group, but they need to focus on their own spellings for their spelling/phonics group.




Each day, I will be adding some reading resources to the class webpage, choose the level of text that is appropriate for your child from the Gold, Silver and Bronze options. The text shouldn't take very long to read, but your child might need to read and then reread the text before answering the related questions. The answer sheets are for an adult to check the answers if your child is working independently. Please keep encouraging your child to read as often and as widely as possible in addition to the tasks set online.



Our art and DT this term will be linked to our topic on Homes from the Past. Today, I would like you to draw a picture of what you can see from a window in your house. You can use the window as the frame of your drawing and sketch what you can see through the window. Think about the shape and size of the objects that you can see. I have included some example pictures to help you understand this task. 


(Personal, Health and Social Education)


In PHSE this term we are learning about Fairness and Co-operation. Today, there is a Funky Films video to watch about Actions and Consequences, followed by an activity sheet to complete. If you are unable to print the resource, the children could look at the actions and consequences and see if they can write down some of the matching pairs - or they could think of their own. This could also be a discussion based activity, rather than writing. 

PHSE Video - Actions and Consequences

Still image for this video