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Dear Parents,


Today is a little bit different.  A catch up from the week, along with a BIG spelling test/quiz, which is in a PDF below, to just find out what your child can and cannot do.  This is a baseline and I would love to have a photograph/email of their efforts.  Please read them the spellings and perhaps do a few at a time.  You know if your child is becoming itchy, distracted and agitated, then please let them and you have a break and revisit again later.  Do not try to do them in one big go, as your child will not appreciate it.  There are 4 parts, so perhaps 4 sessions or even break it into 8.


The spellings they do find difficult/get incorrect, should form a type of priority plan.  These tricky spellings should therefore be revisited regularly each week to increase confidence, familiarity and ultimately to be able to spell correctly.  I would suggest they start by reading them and playing snap or just writing them out as flash cards.  Please do not think you need to do all of the incorrect words, please just tackle 5 at a time (and then once correct, cross them off the list).  As the sheet suggests, these words are ones they need to be able to spell by the end of year 4, so do not panic.  The government made this list of words, not us at school, so we are only following instructions! 


Thank you for your efforts this week.  I look forward to hearing from you later.


Miss Eddy x