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Happy Monday, Otters!


What a scorcher of a weekend! I hope you managed to find something fun to do in the sunshine. You can tell me about it in the Zoom meeting at 10am.


It is our last day of home learning (hopefully) so make the most of it and get an early night in preparation for our return to school on Tuesday, 20th July. Here is today's work:



Let's have a go at some algebra. This is when letters or pictures or symbols take the place of numbers. Tackle the sheet below for your maths group.





As it is your last day of Home Learning, let's have a bit of fun today and get creative. Have a go at writing an acrostic poem, all about summer. Here's mine:


Summer sun is my hot number one

Urgent senses on fire; it's the season of fun

My mood lifts as my busy mind drifts to

Moments from childhood when I was like you

Eager play and a carefree way

Roaming and romping 'til the end of the day


Remember to spell out SUMMER at the beginning of the line

And, don't worry, it doesn't have to rhyme!



Reading supported by an adult who can ask you comprehension questions and talk about any words that are new to you. Don't forget you can also use the Epic Reading site.



Please use the link to Top Marks spelling below to practise some key words, sounds and patterns.




PSHE - inner and outer self-portrait