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Friday 05/02/2021

Happy Friday! Yay!  smiley


Well done for all of your work this week. Please don't forget to email us your pictures of the work that is being done at home. 

Thank you


Today's Learning Schedule





Story time

Bluebell Class Zoom 11.00am



Today in maths were are continuing to practice finding our number bonds to 10. The sheet has 3 different levels of difficulty. Already confident with your number bonds to 10? I have included a video for finding number bonds to 20. There is an extra challenge sheet included. 

Friday Maths

Number bonds to 10

Friday Maths

Number Bonds to 20.



Continue work with adding suffix -ed.

Miss Howell Phonics

Friday Recap

Mrs Rolfe/Mrs Fleet Phonics


Mrs Collins Phonics - Recap

PSHE - dental hygiene and food

Watch the video clip on brushing teeth as a recap.

Explain to another person in your home how to brush teeth and how you can improve dental hygiene. 


Use the food pyramid to look at the different groups of food. The bigger sections are for food that you can eat more of and the smaller sections are foods that you should have less of.
Discuss the dairy, fruit and vegetables section on the pyramid and ask what the benefits of eating these types of foods have on our health and wellbeing.
Which are specifically good for our teeth? (Dairy products, fruit and vegetables)

Use the blank sheet to add your favourite foods.

Are they healthy foods?

How can eating healthy foods impact your teeth/gums? 

Dental Hygiene video

Still image for this video

Story time - Freddie and the Fairy