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Home learning week beginning 1st February



LO: To write a postcard, thinking about layout.


Warm-up: Vocab ideas – idiom ‘To pig out’ – to eat a lot.

Main: Reminder about Mary Anning and her life. 

Watch the video if needed. 

What does a post card look like? Features – address on the right, message on the left, a picture on the front. The short message should be in the past, as it has happened (unless you are looking forward to something in the future and want to tell the person you are writing to).

Task:  Pretend that you are Mary Anning and write a short postcard (in the first person as past tense) to a relative.  Think about the layout and use the template if needed. Write about what you have found on the beach at Lyme Regis.  Describe your curiosity. Colour, size etc. How did you feel when you discovered it? Why? Don’t forget to end your post card too.

Draw the ‘curiosity’ for your picture on the front of the postcard.