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Y6 Visit to Rendy Solar Farm

The new Year 6 children have already enjoyed a school trip within the first week of the new school year.

Rashford Class visited New Rendy Solar Farm and were able to explore the grounds, and learn about how solar farms operate. The afternoon was all organised by Earth Energy Education, who want to help children understand and empower the sustainable future.

The class split into two groups and had two different activities. One was to complete a solar farm challenge by finding out as much information possible about the number of panels, why they are positioned the way they are and the materials used to make them and how that generates power. The second group did a biodiversity study, where they investigated what plants, birds and insects they might find while on the farm. This was a very popular activity as the children enjoyed sweeping the long grass and hedgerows with nets and collecting the insects they found in containers.

The children were very knowledgeable of how the solar panels worked, and others were very good at investigating and working out what insects and plants they had found in their surroundings.

It was a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon, and the children were very lucky to be able to appreciate the outdoors during the lovely weather