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Helping the Environment

This academic year, the school is concentrating on how we can help our environment, within the school, within our community and even globally. As a school some children, have already visited solar farms to find out why this is an important aspect for our world, others have planted bulbs at St John’s Church to promote suitable habitats to encourage wildlife. The school have also recently received a number of apple trees thanks to Wellington Town Council as part of their Tree Planting strategy to help tackle climate change.

With this in mind, the school invited Exeter Science Centre into school to do an assembly. This assembly was very informative but also fun with the use of costumes, props and participation from the audience. Then throughout the day, workshops were held whereby the children learnt about biodiversity by finding wildlife within a field map, they also made their own plant pots from newspaper and planted seeds, used microscopes to investigate plant life, and wrote pledges to say how they would endeavour to help the planet. The most exciting part of the workshop was the use of VR sets, as the children were able to fully immerse themselves into the environment experience, exploring an area as a video played.

The feedback from the day was so positive, with the children feeling really confident that they could help make some changes to improve our environment at school, home and within the community.