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September 2019

Another school year has come along.  At the end of the last term we endured the sadness of saying goodbye to our Year 6 students as they made their step up to secondary school.  Contrasting feelings at  this time of the year; it is happiness as we welcome our new students to the reception classes.  There is double excitement with an extra class of pupils, a new experience for us all at St John's.


This added class of students needed a brand new classroom of their own and it is finally complete.  It has been a very new experience for me; being involved in the planning and organisation of the structure has been a nervous but enriching experience.  I am not the most practical person, so I have been fascinated watching the different stages of a building project.  What I have particularly noticed is the amount of people who have been involved in building the structure.  Brick layers, architects, ground workers, surveyors, plumbers, electricians, carpet fitters etc.  The list is endless.  All of these people have such a variety of different skills, yet all of them were imperative for the project to be a success.  And what a success it has been!  A combination of collaboration and talent has given our school a room to be proud of. 


There is a clear message to our community from this example.  There are so many different personalities with a range of talents within our school and it is vital opportunities are given to shine in all areas of the curriculum.  Different children will excel in different areas but together we can put all this together to make our school truly wonderful.  It is my hope that through collaboration, we can bring joy to our community.


Kind regards


Olly Priestley