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St John's C of E Primary School

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St John's Primary School Ofsted Report

I am very pleased to share the final copy of our Ofsted report.  The staff, governors and I are delighted to have maintained our 'Good' status. 


The report recognises the many strengths and attributes of St John's and contains numerous positive comments:


  • 'Pupil's enjoy coming to school and feel safe.  Staff have high expectations of pupils' behaviour.  Pupil's live up to those expectations'.
  • 'Pupils feel safe and benefit from the school's strong inclusive ethos. Staff care about pupils' education and wellbeing'. 
  • 'Pupils and staff model the school's Christian calues.  Pupils behave well and lessons are free from disruption.  Leaders provide a wealth of opportunities for pupils to become caring and responsible citizens'


The teaching of maths was particularly praised and it was noted that we are working hard to develop reading skills and recognised that this work has been hampered during the pandemic but remains an ongoing priority.


I am very proud to be the leader of this wonderful school and on behalf of the staff , I would like to thank our parents and carers for your wonderful support.


 A copy of the report can be found in the 'Ofsted' section of this website.

Mr Priestley