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St John's Elf Reading Competition

Father Christmas was in touch with Headteacher Mr Priestley before Christmas and asked if the children of St John's C of E Primary school (Wellington) were up to a challenge! The children were asked if they could read at least 100 pages to an elf (on the bookshelf) or any other toy before the start of the spring term. Mr Priestley knew that his children, not only love reading, but also like a Christmas competition so he accepted the challenge and now a lot more children are on the 'good list' for next year. Not only did the school children excel at reading over the festive holidays, many had fun taking photos of themselves reading with their elves and cuddly toys. During assembly on Friday 7th January, those that took part in the reading competition, received their prizes which included a certificate from school, along with a small toy, stickers and chocolate from Santa. Well done children!