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Laptops Required

Do you have an old Laptop or Tablet that you are no longer using and don't want anymore?

If so then please donate them to us, here at St John's Primary school.

We are dedicated to supporting all our pupils and families with their home learning during this lockdown.

However, it would appear that many families do not have suitable devices to access the online content. We would love to provide them all with a laptop or tablet. The government have provided us with a few new laptops and we are looking to spend some of our resources to buy some new tablets. But that probably won't be enough!

If you have any devices you no longer need, please bring them, (with power supplies and leads where possible) to the school office.

We will wipe all the data, upgrade/refurbish them and then get them out to the families who desperately need them.

Thank you.

You can contact the school office on 01823 662541