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Ice creams at St John's

All children and staff at St John’s C of E Primary school (Wellington) enjoyed a sweet treat on Friday 6th May when Noodles ice cream van visited them.

Noodles announced recently that they would be visiting local primary schools free of charge, and so it was organised for them to come to St John’s as a pre-SATs treat to Year 6, and all classes! The children were so excited when they saw the van arrive and loved their delicious ‘Mr Whippys’, or vegan alternative. For some children, it was their first experience of an ice cream from the van.

“The excitement throughout the school was brilliant, and so lovely to see so many smiley faces. We are so grateful that Noodles Ice Cream Van came to visit, and cannot believe they were doing this all for free! Thank you so much, it was a fantastic experience for our children (and staff)”, quoted a member of staff