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Clint and Jo Rogers Open Rosie's Retreat


Opening of ‘Rosie’s Retreat’ nurture provision at St John’s C of E Primary School 

St John’s C of E Primary School were delighted to welcome back Jo and Clint Rogers to officially open the nurture provision which had been established over the last year. 

In total, 92 children have benefitted from different interventions and support provided by the nurture team.  The progress made by the children in terms of their emotional and academic learning has been significant. 

It has been a project which had been discussed for a number of years, but was planned and installed in the summer term of 2021.  The school were lucky to get support from kind members of the community in order to get the project running.   

‘A classroom can be a challenging place for some individuals, who need a quieter setting in order to be more successful.’  Olly Priestley, Headteacher, explained.  ‘When adding the problems of the last two years, children have all encountered emotional difficulties and this has led to added stress for some pupils.  Our nurture provision has helped to provide support both in both managing this and build academic learning.’ 

The member of staff in charge of the project was the school SENDCo, Sian Gage. She added; ‘The nurture provision has provided a safe space for many of our children to learn and progress emotionally and academically, with the benefits seen across the school.’  

Jo and Clint have been great supporters of the school for many years, Jo employed for 20 years in the school office.  ‘Rosie’s Retreat’ had significant meaning for them both and it was named this way in appreciation of their commitment to the community.