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January 2018

Year 1 Family Workshop - 'no cook' session

Thank you to everyone who attended the family workshop this week. Everyone seemed to have a great fun at the same time as learning some simple recipes to try at home.

Outdoor Learning - Week 3

The Year 5 children have now started their outdoor learning sessions on Wednesdays. This week the children were learning about tracking signs. As it was raining, we also had fun in the muddles! :-)

Outdoor Learning - Year 5

Senior Leadership Learning Walk - Week 2


As part of our monitoring timetable, Miss Roberts and I completed a learning walk around the whole school. We went into each class to observe lessons and the learning that was happening. The focus this time was behaviour and classroom environment


After updating our behaviour policy last term, we wanted to check how successful the policy was. It was great to see how positively everyone was talking about the improvements and the impact this is having on behaviour for learning. 

We were also really pleased to see how good classrooms displays and environment met the needs of the children. There was lots of opportunities for children to use resources that were readily available in their classrooms to support their learning. 


Our next step is to now ensure we give out more HPs when positive reinforcement is used by the adults. 

Mystery Box Monday - Week 1

Happy New Year!

As always, we start the term with a mystery box day. This is where each class collects their own box in assembly, where a mystery item has been placed. The day is then spent by the children leading their own learning and deciding on how best to investigate their item.  

Collecting mystery boxes